poniedziałek, 20 stycznia 2014

Gabon car market

...In Gabon, 70 percent of the 6.000 new vehicles sold each year are big 4x4s, mostly Japanese models, according to the Gabonese Federation of Car Importers... 

source: The Peninsula, Africa, the new El Dorado for luxury cars; 2014/1/2

czwartek, 9 stycznia 2014

More than 10,000 foreign fighters in Syria

... Up to 11,000 fighters from more than 70 nations have joined the struggle in Syria against President Bashar Al Assad, almost doubling estimates made in early 2013. The number of individuals from western Europe taking up arms has tripled to reach 1,900 and includes up to 366 from Britain. The number reported from France has quadrupled while Belgium has the highest per capita rate. Arabs and Europeans made up the bulk of foreign fighters, with up to 80 per cent, but militants from south-east Asia, North America, Africa, the Balkans and countries of the former Soviet Union were also represented.
Syria is becoming as big a magnet for Muslim fighters as Afghanistan was in the 1980s when an estimated 35,000 foreigners joined the mujahideen ranks against Soviet invaders...

Source: the Gulf News    

Real Estate in Qatar in 2013

...Real estate deals in Qatar in 2013 were worth QR45.5bn ($12.49bn), but growth over the previous year was negligible, at barely three percent, due to skyrocketing land prices. In terms of value, the growth in real estate transactions in 2012 (over 2011) was a record 72 percent. The value of property deals concluded in 2012 was QR44.06bn as against just QR25.6bn in 2011...